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About AirTech

Innoscience AirTech Company Limited (AirTech for short) was established to provide comprehensive air quality management to the public.

AirTech Consultation Committee is composed of a team of local professors and doctorates. The Committee strives for promoting various air quality management schemes and anti-epidemic technological products. With such innovative and feasible schemes plus IoT technology, all-in-one service is provided.


To cope with the Country's development, AirTech actively develops in the healthy ecological industry and provides a complete environmental and air purification solutions, from Online to Offline, from Consumer to Business.

AirTech is headquartered in HKSAR, with branches in Shenzhen and Taiwan. With the vision to bring creative changes to global environmental governance and ecological environment, AirTech is deploying the worldwide market and preparing to set up branches in Singapore and the United Kingdom.

Current clients who adopted AirTech schemes include cargo terminals in the airport, shopping malls and property management companies, dental clinics, temples, churches, schools, offices etc.



To use IoT technology to manage air quality


Excellent air quality, to manage differently


To use advanced IoT technology to monitor and improve air quality automatically and immediately

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